"Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design"
" Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design "
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Dated: 19-8-2016
Students of Fashion Design Department of PIFD displayed their research work through an exhibition titled ‘Design and research-an inquiry into Fashion as space, body and habits.’ Ms Anke Gruendel and Mr Ammar Belal from Parsons, The New School of Design were the facilitator of the workshop.
Patricia Domingues, winner of the Talente and Mari Funaki Award in contemporary jewelry and one of the most distinguished jeweler artist in the field of contemporary jewelry today is conducting two weeks workshop entitled “Stone as a Material and Concept” in the Department of Jewellery Design & Gemological Sciences, at Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design, Lahore. The workshop aims to be a guiding process for students to learn how to use ‘stone’ as a thought process as well as a material to find their individual language. The idea behind this is to expose students to more creative ways of encountering materials.
Students are working with both uncut and finished stones, such as marble, along with other materials such as Silver and wood. The workshop will culminate to an exhibit display at PIFD on 5th December 2016.
Amina Rizwan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Jewellery Design & Gemological Sciences, PIFD and Fulbright Alumni, was one of the 14 Fulbright Alumni selected for Fulbright Heroes Documentary by United States Educational Foundation Pakistan and the Fulbright Pakistan Program. The series was produced in collaboration with Haya Fatima Iqbal, Co-Producer of Oscar winning documentary "A Girl in The River". The series aim to recognize the great work Fulbright Alumni are doing upon their return to Pakistan and highlights some of their initiatives through 14 parts Fulbright Heroes Documentary series. The USEFP Page/Post

link: https://www.facebook.com/USEFP/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf
Dated: 19-8-2016
Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design participated in Urdu/English Declamation Competition, Painting and Posters Competition, Urdu Poetry Competition and Singing Competition which was arranged by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for the International Corruption Day and got 1st position in Painting and Poster Competition on 20-11-2016.

Dated: 19-8-2016
Fashion Design Exhibition - Parsons, New School for Design
09 August 2016
Laptop Distribution 2016
4 October 2016
Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design distributed 38 laptop among students under Phase 2 of Prime Minister Laptop Scheme on Tuesday.
Luxus Expo
14 November 2016
Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design participated in Luxus Fashion Expo 2016 (#LFE16). 7 Graduates form PIFD also showcase their work at Luxus Fashion Expo 2016.
Mr. Khurram Dastagir Visit
5 November 2016
Orientation Day
Sweeden Ambassador Visit
23 September 2016
Thesis Display 2016
The PIFD campus has spacious studios, lecture halls, technical labs, workshops, an exhibition hall, auditorium and amphitheater. Administration blocks, public areas, canteen and basic amenities have been carefully planned.
The Library is seen as an integral part of the learning process and comprises a wide variety of materials relevant to the needs of students and staff. The library contains a large collection of books and journals as well as a range of audio-visual materials such as video and audiocassettes and slides. Special emphasis is placed on using new technology such as ‘Multimedia’ and ‘Internet’. Access of HEC Digital Library and internally developed Electronic library is also available as per need of the current era. The Library staff ensures all help and assistance to students and staff so as to enable them to make the best possible use of the available resources within.

Students are expected to treat the ‘Library’ collection with great care as the Library materials can easily be damaged. Nothing should be torn from the books or magazines. Any abuse of the material will lead to formal reprimand and students may be asked to cover the cost of damage or even leave the Institute. Extra care is expected when photocopying, to destroy the spines. The library is for quiet study, therefore this should be respected, and every endeavor should be made to maintain its decorum.

A student is allowed to borrow two books for duration of two weeks. If a book is required for more than two weeks, the student is required to get re-issued the book for further time period. In case of not returning books to the library on due date a student is charged fine of Rs.20/- per day on general books, while Rs= 100/- per day is charged on reference books. Library hours during semester time are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, from Monday to Friday. During vacations, the Library is open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
The computer lab is a centralized facility common to foundation and post foundation students. It provides general and specialized computing facilities. A range of appropriate software is supported. Apart from classes, the computer lab is available for use as an essential academic support facility where students can research, prepare presentations, print projects etc. Help and assistance may be sought from computer staff when required. Documentation on the use of the systems is available in the ‘Computer Room’.

In order to protect the personal data and information held on computers and word processors, if used by students in their course work or by staff as part of their duties at the Institute, it would need to be registered. Students are provided with personalized access by means of a login system. Advice and queries in this regard should be sought from the Computer Lab staff.
Multimedia facilities are available for students engaged in audio-visual work for assignments, projects, portfolios etc. Different presentation methods are available for use such as laptop, video, computer display, slides, audio, and multimedia etc.
The cafeteria located in the campus premises is open during the term time. Beverages, snacks and light meals are available over the counter on cash payment.
Photocopying services are available in the Institute, on payment of prescribed rate. Special attention is drawn to copyright restrictions and acknowledgement of sources.
In order to facilitate students, a material/stationery shop is available on the campus. This shop is adequately stocked with design tools and materials required for class projects and assignments.
An on campus digital café for students is under the process of completion. This café will be a leisurely hub for internet surfing.
Student lockers are available in the institute, which are allocated by the staff. Due to shortage of lockers, each locker is allocated to three students of same class and each year lockers are reallocated at the start of academic year. Students will make payment to Institute in case of any damage caused to lockers because of misuse. Students are solely responsible for keeping their materials under lock & key. The Institute will not take any responsibility for the loss from their lockers. Students are advised not to keep cash and other expensive valuables like mobile phone, jewelry, purses, assignments etc. in lockers. Students are advised, in their own interest, to keep their goods in their allocated lockers only
PIFD has designated parking facilities for cars, motorcycles and bicycles. On request, students are issued vehicle stickers by transport office on payment of Rs. 50/- for security purpose as no unauthorized vehicle is allowed to enter campus premises. Vehicles with stickers are allowed entry into on-campus parking area. All cars, motor cycles and bicycles must be parked in designated place. Students are instructed to cooperate with the gate staff while parking their vehicles. All parking is entirely at the owner’s risk. Institute’s staff has a right to check your parked vehicle for security purpose when you are leaving the Institute.
Conscious of the fact that students with disabilities may face difficulties, the Institute staff will be glad to make special arrangements as far as possible. Currently, PIFD has the facility of a lift which caters people with disability or medical problem.
In case of personal difficulties, students may seek advice in confidence from the Student Counselor, Course Coordinator, a member of the teaching staff or the Vice-Chancellor.
The institute has arranged transport facility for students. This facility covers almost all corners of the city. Students requiring transport services shall apply to the Transport Office. Details of transport charges can be obtained from this office. Transport fees are reviewed periodically, thus, liable to be changed. The students, who want to cease/abort transport service of the institute, must submit one month notice to the concerned authorities prior to aborting the service. In case of abrupt decision of ceasing the facility, extra one month transport charges in addition to outstanding dues / fines, if any, will be charged from the respective student in cash or through preceding fee challan. The student wishing to resume transport facility must furnish fresh application which will be entertained on the basis of availability of seats.
First aid facilities are available in the institute in case of any injury or sudden illness. There is a dispensary in the premises headed by the female Medical Officer to provide medical facility to the students.
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