"Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design"
" Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design "
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department of ceramic & glass design
Bachelor of Design (Ceramic and Glass Design)
In 2016, PIFD introduces 4-year bachelor degree program in Ceramic and Glass Design discipline. As 7th department of PIFD, Ceramic and Glass Design Department offers a unique opportunity to its students to apply innovative ideas in form of functional and ornamental designs in ceramic and glass mediums.

PIFD pioneers in art and design education institutes in Pakistan with the introduction of glass design education, in its fully equipped glass workshops. With the focus of industrial process of manufacturing, ceramic and glass design education at PIFD allow its students to develop an original design approach to conventional perceptions of design, supported by its reliance on a material point of departure.

The courses taught in the degree program focus knowledge of materials, learning of techniques and application of forms with function and ergonomics, with experimental approach. In particular, at the level three and four of the degree program, the combination of diverse courses offer students to develop understanding of the character and theory of design in Ceramic & Glass to an elevated level within the framework of analytical, practical and critical evaluation.

This highly skilled educational experience with the help of quality processes yields a contemporary spirit to designed products in ceramic and glass material, which is believed to establish a bright future of this field in Pakistan.
Graduate ceramic and glass design professionals can apply their knowledge of glass and ceramic material with multidisciplinary approach into different fields yet to be explored in Pakistan. The future graduates can pursue their career in various directions including product design, tableware, furniture design, jewellery design, interior design, exterior design as well as industrial design. This potential positions the graduate designers in highly desirable situation to be employed as professionals in the industry to cater the needs and demands of emerging market. There is a great gap to fill for designers to be employed in the industry, i.e from small manufactories to mega scale industries producing tableware, sanitary ware, tiles, functional and nonfunctional objects.
Semester-III & IV
Semester-V & VI
Semester-VII & VIII
English-III, IV (Communication skills and Academic writing)
English-V, VI (Technical and Building Writing)
English-VII, VIII(Dissertation Writing I, II)
Ceramic Design Studio-I, II
Ceramic Design Studio-III, IV
Ceramic Design Studio-V,VI
Ceramics Techniques-I, II
Ceramic Techniques-III
Ceramic Production Techniques-I, II
History-I, II (Art and Architecture focusing Ceramic)
History-III, IV(Art and Architecture focusing Ceramic)
History-V(Art and Architecture focusing Ceramic)
Drawing-I, II
Drawing-III, IV
Research Methodology-II
History of Ornamentation-I, II
Digital Design-III, IV
Glass Techniques-III
Digital Design-I, II
Product Marketing-I, II
Digital Design-V
Chemistry-I, II
Material Sciences (Glass)
Glass Techniques-I, II
Research Methodology-I
Mini Thesis (Collection/ Project)
Mr. Kamran Babrak
Assistant Professor/ Program Coordinator
MFA, Jewellery +Corpus, Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm 
 Design Education in Higher Education, Gernot Lenschow, PIFD Lahore  
BFA, Sculpture, National College of Arts, Lahore
Mr. Usman Khalil
Bachelors in Design (Ceramic Design), National College of Arts, 2014
Ms. Shehneela Suri
Teaching Associate
Bachelor in Design (Ceramic Design) from National College of Arts in 2015
Mr. Ali Rehan Rizvi
Teaching Associate
Bachelor in Design (Ceramic Design) from National College of Arts, 2016
Mr. Kulsoom Mehmood
Teaching Associate
Bachelor in Design (Ceramic Design) from National College of Arts in 2016
Visiting and Adjunct Faculty
Mr. Professor Dabir Ahmed 
Graduate in
Industrial Design from NCA.
HoD Ceramic Design Department, NCA from 1998 to 2010
Visiting Professor, Ceramic Design Department. University of Gujrat from 2013
to Date


Gold Medal at Tashkent,

National Award by PNCA, 1996,

Represented Pakistan in Secibition in Ceramic held in

DR. Muhammad Ibrahim
Ph.D. (Ceramics)  from Sheffield University,
Mr. Sadaf Chughtai
in Art and Design Studies, (M.A.A.D.S), BNU, Lahore
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